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What is a Color-On?
Color-Ons look kind of plain to start out with, just a white piece of paper with a black outline on it. And just like a coloring book, children use regular wax-crayons to color in the design.

But imagine it's your design the kids are coloring. Or your event they will soon be wearing on their shirt. Not only will you be satisfied by the exposure you are getting, but the kids will have their very own individualized t-shirt.
So now your design has been colored in, and it is ready for the next big important step. APPLICATION.

The application of Color-Ons is not difficult, but since it involves a heated iron, it's a job for mom or dad. Color-Ons can go on just about any t-shirt, but for the best results we recommend a 100% cotton White T-shirt.

Once the Color-On has been applied to the shirt it is Permanent, Colorfast, Washable and Safe (conforms to ASTM 4236-92).
The final, and simplest step, that leaves everyone smiling.

Now that the Color-On has been colored and applied to a shirt, all that's left is to WEAR IT!

Yep, simple as that, just wear it like any ordinary shirt. But it isn't just any old ordinary shirt any more. Your design will now be on a shirt that kids will WANT to wear and even to show off! After all, it's THEIR design too!

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