Color Ons - A Simple Explanation

A Color-on is simply an Iron-on tee shirt transfer that the child colors first and then is applied to the childs's shirt by a parent or teacher.

  • Color-Ons Use Ordinariy, inexpensive Crayons
  • Are exremely Interactive
  • They Stimulate Creativity
  • They Build Pride
  • Color-Ons are Educational, the Child learns about what they are coloring
  • The Design Remains on the Shirt and is Waterproof
  • They are Very Affordable
  • Color-Ons are Economical
  • When the Child Wears the Shirt, the message is Broadcast to the Community

Color-Ons are a wonderful, new way to get your message out, and are fun to use at the same time. Thank You for your interest.

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